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H2 Bball News

Elite 12s in the books!

By @h2bball 06/08/2021, 11:45am EDT

Shout out to that 12u whose average age is 10.5. Got themselves a hard earned W this weekend short handed. Rubber is about to meet the road for these fellas. Keep Grinding! #H2Elite

LowcoJr keeps momentum!

By @h2bball 06/08/2021, 10:30am EDT

The youngens did themselves proud in Mooresville, NC this past weekend.  Faced mostly 2025 squads playing up. Smaller but no fear. Certainly best conditioned. NYG Hoops event covered by Blue Star Media. Elite!!!!!!

Amirah Brown, Lily Termini & PJ Benson all did work. Coach K should replace Coach K. Just thinking out loud here lol

Jr Lowco rolls to Semi's in first Insider Exposure!

By @h2bball 05/25/2021, 9:15pm EDT

JrLowco's aren't playing. 2 tourney's, 1 chip, 1 semi-final appearance. Played their first Insider Exposure event this weekend and showed huge growth. Won a classic, back n forth, contest 30-29 w/a big stop late. 3-1 overall on the weekend. Just getting started here.

Chip # 2....H2 Elite 2025 on the board!

By @h2bball 05/17/2021, 10:00am EDT

These fellas go deep most weeks, but got themselves that gold on Sunday in Jacksonville. Home cooking couldn't deter this crew. Strong! 

All the H2 Elite teams showed well, got there feet wet first time, went to finals or secured the bag. At end of the day, 4 teams, good record on the weekend as a program, and we're off to next week?  #RepLowco


H2 Basketball official with Adidas!

Train Lowco!

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