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We're Running All Fall

H2 Bball News

Happy Birthday H2 Basketball!

By @h2bball 08/26/2021, 6:30pm EDT

8 chips in Year 1. Countless practices, training, games and good times! Love what we do! Bigger and Brighter 2021 & 2022. Just catching our groove

H2 Elite 2024 Takes the Big Shots Chip!

By @h2bball 08/17/2021, 11:00am EDT

Great work in Port City by all the H2 Elite squads! Special props to 2024 for getting that first Fall chip! We're collecting those things, may need a facility to house them soon. Just saying!

Fellas Back at It: Big Shots Charleston Summer Classic

By @h2bball 08/09/2021, 10:30pm EDT

H2 Elite 2023 & 2024 are back at it this weekend. Fall season on the fly, w/a Big Shots bump in Charleston.  Should be a good time, after a month away.  Back in the saddle!

Summer Season Over & Fall Starting Up!!!!

By @h2bball 08/08/2021, 8:00am EDT

After a wildly successful Spring & Summer, Fall is upon us. Where it all started! More training, the return of the Open Run and Big turkeys and Showcases. How we do....

IF you know anyone who can play and is interested in running at the highest level in the Lowcountry, hit us up! We're looking at new kids all Fall. Think you can H2? Bring it!

H2 Basketball official with Adidas!

Train Lowco!