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H2 Travel Team Registration

H2 Bball News

Welcome Team DBA to the H2 Basketball family!

By @h2bball 01/05/2022, 8:15am EST

Excited to announce the addition of Coach Jazz and Team DBA to the H2 crew. They're an elite girls program based out of Atlanta, Ga. Team DBA powered by H2 is a natural progression. Jazz has been down with H2 from day 1. Been a huge  supporter of the way we do things, not to mention a valued industry consultant. We couldn't be a bigger fan of hers, as there  is no doubt the culture at Team DBA will be special. 

She'll be holding try-outs at Dash Performance in Atlanta on January 15th.  6th grade through 9th grade on deck. 


2022 H2 Travel Team Registration is NOW!

By @h2bball 11/26/2021, 9:15am EST

Turkey Day in the rear view mirror, which means travel ball on the horizon. Get registered early, cause so many changes, you're gonna want to know the 411. Official Registration link below

H2 Lowco 2024 takes IE/Big Shots Fall Finale!

By @h2bball 10/05/2021, 9:00pm EDT

H2 Lowco 2024 started the Fall with another championship. Girls have had a big Spring/Summer and just keep rolling! Tamya Hutchinson was named tourney MVP.  Next up Oktoberfest!

Happy Birthday H2 Basketball!

By @h2bball 08/26/2021, 6:30pm EDT

8 chips in Year 1. Countless practices, training, games and good times! Love what we do! Bigger and Brighter 2021 & 2022. Just catching our groove

H2 Basketball official with Adidas!

Choppin it up!

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Train Lowco!