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H2 Bball News

Fall Ball means #H2OpenRun Season

By h2bball 08/21/2023, 6:30pm EDT

Every Saturday Morning All Fall, we're getting after it. Hardeeville Rec Center, open to any prospective H2 girls trying to get work before the HS season

Thank You 2024!

By @h2bball 07/31/2023, 9:15pm EDT

2024 is legend. The best to do it around here, ever, based on wins,  chips & smoke. Great players, better kids. They've meant the world to the area competitively and its been our absolute pleasure to have them Rep Lowco. All are headed to bigger and better things, both on court and off.  They've set the standard & broke the mold. Anyway, tourneys stop but the training continues. Time to get ready for senior year & college. 

H2 2024s Win Bracket at Run 4 Roses Classic!

By @h2bball 07/25/2023, 4:00pm EDT

What can you say about H2 Lowco 2024s... Trailblazers for the area and local legends at this point. Just a great group of kids that came together at the right time. Another chip!

Off to Run 4 The Roses!

By H2bball 07/05/2023, 3:45pm EDT

Played two live periods, w two to go. First up, the 2024s make their way to Louisville, KY for Run 4 the Roses. Huge event, one of the only lives in the region, during that period. Over 1000 teams all told. 

Run 4 Roses Classic: Championship Gamewinner!

Kenan's Crew! 2024 Run 4 the Roses Classic

Run 4 The Roses Classic: H2 Lowco 2024